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Signage and Flexface Lightboxes

Flexface light boxes are normally really large lightboxes where perspex is too small to act as the face of the sign.

Another reason for using flexface is when a specific color is required and that color is not avaiable in the standard vinyl range of colors.

Flex Box

We Manufacture all types of flex boxes and install them, We also do projections for existing signage's to stand out of the crowd and be more visible.

Flexface lightbox signs are those whereby the vinyl print is stretched at both ends of the lightbox and tightened using a tensioning mechanism. These types of lightboxes are generally used in bigger applications as prints in normal lightboxes tend to sag in the middle when the size of the box is too large. The extrusions on this range from 150mm to 200mm deep.

Signage Flex Box Installation

The Flex Face light box is so called because it features a flexble PVC banner facia which is stretched across the front of light box to create what is like a skin on a drum. The PVC banner skin is specifically manufactured for backlit applications to allow for even light spread across the graphic.

The backlit vinyl banner is printed on using solvent inks and uses what is known as a 'double strike' method to ensure the print has the best ink density and ensures the graphic doesn't look 'washed out.'

Flexface boxes are made from Banner material and stretched into a special aluminum extrusion which has tension Our in-house designers can work closely with you and your building to make sure the signs match the look and feel of the property. You can help us by choosing a colour from our Colour Guide. TW ADVERT Delivers on time and too budget

Black Flex Box

We can Design, fabricate or manufacture, supply and install Fascia Signs for shopfronts, factories, offices and all types of commercial property. A Fascia Sign in its simplest form would be comprised of Foam PVC or acrylic panels, either screwed to an existing surface, or fitted within an attractive aluminum extrusion. Aluminum extrusions can be supplied powder coated in a choice of colors, and are designed to allow simple removal of the panels.

A more common type of Fascia Sign is an illuminated signbox, with opal white or coloured acrylic panels. Be sure your sign is weatherproof. This type of sign allows more scope for creative and eye-catching graphics, whilst providing 24hr advertising for your business. Flexible Face signs are similar to illuminated sign boxes but instead of acrylic, the face material is a special translucent flexible PVC. This type of sign can have a combination of digitally printed and vinyl graphics for outstanding effects.

An illuminated sign is the perfect solution if your business is visible by night. The extra visibility your business gains from an illuminated sign at night is easily recouped from the extra recognition that you gain. An excellent low cost way to promote your business 24 hours per day. The Flex Face system can be formed to suit non-rectangular shapes including circular shapes and even letters to make up a completely bespoke illuminated logo signs. 

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We Manufacture all types of flex boxes and install them, We also do projections for existing signage's to stand out of the crowd and be more visible.

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