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3D Signboards

First impressions count and what better a way to create a positive and lasting impression with exterior signs which represent your organization in the way you intend. We offer different material choices, finishes and effects along with illumination to fulfill your business needs.

Our signs are illuminated using carefully sourced waterproof LED modules. We stock varying type of LED's from strip reels through to light bars and separate modules. Powered with reliable electrical components, our illuminated signs are both made to last and are energy efficient.

You could consider 3D signage as the next step up from flat-panel vinyl based signage, with the next step up being illuminated 3D lettering – the “Rolls-Royce” of signage.

Acrylic Signage

3D signs really add that “something extra” to the feel of your shop – and if you are selling a premium product, this would be considered the appropriate method.

Stainless Steel Backlit Signage

There are several ways we can produce 3D lettering – drop us a line to discuss or read on!

Rolex Signage

Router-cut / Laser-cut signage

The most common method of producing 3D signs for interior or low-level exterior use is to cut your logo and/or company name from a chosen substrate/material – either using a CNC flatbed router or laser cutter. Your choice of materials is seemingly endless, however typically we’ll use materials such as Acrylic (Perspex), Signex, ACM or metals such as Aluminium or Stainless Steel. These substrates range in thickness from about 4mm to 25mm.

Back Light Signage

There are various finishing methods to choose from – such as painting the back of clear acrylic or using brushed/polished stainless-steel. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Talk to us if you’d like to know more.

Fabricated channel letters

If you are looking to create a solid 3D effect at a level say 3+ stories up from the ground, router-cut lettering may not be quite “grunty” enough – I.E. 25mm thick letters may not look very 3D from ground level.

Indoor Signage

In this situation you have the option of choosing individually fabricated 3D signage – where we form letters and logos from either painted aluminium, acrylic or stainless steel (depending on the look you’re going for).

This is starting to get towards the more expensive end of the scale, however the final effect is stunning. If you’d like to see some examples or discuss your options just give us a call.

Acrylic Letter Cutting

A wide range of colors for acrylic are available, These are precisely cut by Laser, and pasted where ever required 

Acrylic Signage

3D Signage with Cladding

We do all types of 3D Works with Building Cladding.

Signage with Cladding

We also do Push Through Signage 2D

A sign fabricated with push through acrylic letters provides a unique way to display your company name and logo. Letters and/or logos can be routed out of a sheet of aluminum. Acrylic letters are then "pushed through" the routed area to provide depth. 

Push Through Signage

When light from inside the cabinet, a halo effect is achieved. The signs displayed on this page all utilize push through acrylic to achieve a creative look. Click here for more information.

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