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Laser Engraving / Laser Cutting


All metals, most plastics and many ceramics can be marked or engraved. We accept batches from one item to many. TWA has customers who require micro accurate logos on pens and USB flash drives for corporate gifts. Keychains, nameplates, labels, Stainless steel cutlery sets, keyboards, buttons, bezels, . You name it, TWA have probably marked it and can help you with your Engraving needs.

Top Worth Advertising offers Engraving services for Companies and individuals in UAE. Top Worth Advertising Engraving Professionals are experienced at Laser marking and laser engraving on various kinds of metals like Stainless Steel, Brass , Aluminium and also on non-metals like Glass, Crystals, Wood and Plastics. Please call us if you want your own company logo to be engraved on your products or if you want to give your clients a promotional gift with your own logo or message engraved.

Laser Engraving

Very much as it sounds, a precisely controlled laser beam is used either to discolour the surface of a component or to vaporise material. The laser parameters and the laser’s position can be precisely controlled to provide high contrast marks in the form of barcodes, logos and graphics. If a surface is painted then the laser can be used to precisely remove paint. TWAdvert has a an experienced team of engraving specialists, who are understanding your demands and taking care of you valuable products by reducing technical errors. TWAdvert also assure you perfect readability.


Laser systems have many advantages over conventional processing systems :

High flexibility in daily service due to various additional options
Polished and smooth cutting edges, no rework necessary
No fixing of material necessary due to contactless and forceless processing
Freely selectable contours especially for printed materials due to optical recognition system
Laser engraving and laser cutting in one single process step
Open software structure (file formats e.g. dxf, ai, pdf)

Laser Cutting

Our precision manufactured lasers and laser systems deliver the highest possible laser cutting performance on a wide variety of materials, including acrylic, wood, cardstock and textiles. Accurately and quickly laser cut intricate designs and artwork from any graphics software program into your material, producing crisp, clean edges. Universal laser systems are completely enclosed and safer than conventional cutting systems, and because laser cutting is a non-contact process there is no need to configure or replace blades or tools. Universal Laser Systems offers a downdraft honeycomb cutting table that holds materials without fixtures and removes smoke and debris which may impact quality.

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