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Security Printing and Hologram

The introduction of highly sophisticated machines such as color photocopiers, conventional photographic equipment and high performance laser scanners has enabled the effective replication and copying of any security document or authentic product. These allows vast room for counterfeiting and forgery practices.

The paper used in our facilities is obtained from the most reliable sources in the world. In addition to the standard security paper. EPFE offers full range of additional security features such as watermarks, chemical sensitized, visible and invisible fibers that enhance the anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud properties of most demanding applications.

TWA used the most sophisticated security software for the creation of security designs. Security elements created with our softwares includes GUILLOCHES LINES, Relief and Numismatics Effect, Special Raster Patterns or Dot Shapes, Latent Images and a number of anti-copy and anti-counterfeit features.

Our inks are carefully selected to achieve a degree of security against falsification of documents using different types of security ink such as Fugitive, Invisible, Thermo Chronic Bleeding, Photo Chromic or Optically Variable Inks.

Optical security elements, also known as Holograms, are extremely difficult to replicate. Even the most advanced color photocopiers and printing techniques have failed to reproduce holograms. The unique security features of holograms are widely recognized as providing the most cost effective solution to problems of counterfeiting and forgery.

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Hologram Sheet Rolls
Hologram Sheet Rolls
Hologram Single Row Rolls
Hologram Single Row Rolls
Color Holograms
Color Holograms
Hologram foils
Hologram Foils
Hologram rolls
Hologram Rolls
Barcode Stickers
Barcode Stickers
Large Labels
Large Labels
Security Printing Products
Security Printing Products
ID Lamination
ID Lamination
Tamper Proof Peel Style Hologram
Tamper Proof Peel Style
Printed Masking Tape
Customized Masking Tapes
Serial Number Hologram
Serial Number Holograms
Hologram Scratch & Win
Hologram Scatch & Win Labels
Hologram Barcode
Hologram Barcodes Labels
Transparent Overlayer
Trasparent Overlayer
Holographic Labels
Holographic Labels
Hologram Pouch
Hologram Pouch - Wallpaper style
Hologram Tamper Proof
Hologram Tamper Proof Stickers
Hologram hot stamped
Hologram Hot stamped Warranty cards and Labels
Hot Stamping Hologram
Hologram Stamped on Security cards and Documents
Hologram warranty card
Warranty Cards & Labels

Contact us on +97150-3840813 / +97150-1158155 or email

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