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Balls & Balloons

Balloons :

12inch printed latex balloons
Printed 1 colour in 1 position
Print area: 6inches x 5inches

Standard Print Position Body of balloon:Maximum Print Size 5inch wide x 6inch depth:Print Description Screen:Other Print Options 2 spot colours to 2 sides, 3 spot colours, 4 sides print and all round print

Stress Ball Printing

Baloon Printing

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Stress Balls

Custom Stress Balls are classic office marketing devices that are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes including round stress balls, printed stress balls, star stress relievers and sport stress toys are an excellent way to calm your nerves. Just squeeze on these soft stress balls and the tension from a long day at work just floats away. From a promotional standpoint, stress balls are unique and come in an array of designs that will effectively yield results for any brand.

Stress Ball Printing

Promotional Stress Toys are a fantastic popular and low cost way of getting your message across. We can supply hundreds of different shapes of stress balls which can all be printed with your company logo. There should be a promotional stress ball shape for your campaign to use as there are so many to choose, from Stress Rockets and Stress Houses, to Stress Animals and Stress Computers, Stress Food and Stress Transport, we have them all! Customised Stress Balls can also be made bespoke just for you in any shape you like. As one of the UAE's leading promotional merchandise suppliers we can offer amazing value priced stress toys which will work your next promotion to maximum effect and wether your potential client is stressed or not they will not be able to resist a squeeze.

Stress Ball Colors

The world stress balls are for the eco-friendly organizations such as The Wilderness Society and the World Wildlife Fund. These premium stress balls take on shapes that will remind people to be more ecologically conscious. The water drop stress ball will remind people to conserve. Energy saving light bulbs will let people know to turn off the lights when you aren't using them.

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Roll-Up AdvertisingRoll Up Advertising Dubai

Roll up stands are light weight and easy to handle. This display gets your advertising at the centre of everyone’s attention. One of the highly responsive advertising method is the rollup advertising.

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