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Textile Printing / Fabric Printing

Textile printing is the process of applying color to fabric in definite patterns or designs. In properly printed fabrics the color is bonded with the fibre, so as to resist washing and friction.

Textile printing involves the production of a predetermined colored pattern on a fabric, usually with a definite repeat. It can be described as a localized form of dyeing, applying colorant to selected areas of the fabric to build up the design. Textile Printing, like Textile dyeing, is a process for applying color to a substrate. However, instead of coloring the whole substrate (cloth, carpet or yarn) as in dyeing, print color is applied only to defined areas to obtain the desired pattern. This involves different techniques and different machinery with respect to dyeing, but the physical and chemical processes that take place between the dye and the fiber are analogous to dyeing.

Fabric Printing

Some of the latest advances in textile printing have been in the area of head technology and ink development. This process is similar to the computer controlled paper printers used for office applications but on a complicated scale where numerous variables are managed to give you the best possible outcome on fabric. Some of the variables needed for coordination of successful digital fabric printing are files and color management, printer and RIP technology, fabric pre and post treatment processes, inks/dyes, and client expectations. Digital fabric printing is not a direct science and there will be slight lot-to-lot variations for samples and yardage. We like to say, "our custom fabric is digitally crafted."

Tshirt Printing

Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than other traditional screen-printing methods because you are printing the exact amount of ink/dyes needed to print directly on the fabric through the direction of RIP/printer settings. There is minimal to no waste cleanup, which means every drop is printed on demand from the exact amount of yardage and coverage needed. Digital fabric printing saves water and the environment.

Clothing design

Benefits of digital inkjet textile printing :

1- Solutions are available for printing fashion, interior, outdoor and technical textiles
2- Low set-up and running costs enable you to print economically at all run lengths, greatly reducing inventory requirements
3- Fast introduction of new designs reduces time to market, keeping you ahead of the competition
4- Detailed prints with a wide range of vibrant colors increases product quality
5- Variable image printing and personalization opens up new product possibilities
6- Materials can be deposited in precise quantities, greatly reducing ink, water and energy usage
7- Functionalities, including coatings and active materials, can be applied more efficiently than with conventional methods

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Flag Pinting

Manufactured using flame-retardant 115gsm knitted polyester and fitted with rope and toggle as standard, Our Brand professional quality flags can be fitted with metal eyelets or a sleeve at no extra charge. Please specify when ordering.

Flag Advertising

Flag Outdoor Advertising

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Top Worth Advertising

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Roll up stands are light weight and easy to handle. This display gets your advertising at the centre of everyone’s attention. One of the highly responsive advertising method is the rollup advertising.

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